The aim of this 6-week course is to focus on one of the most under-targeted and under-trained groups in the workforce: middle management. Training and development is often focused on new, junior managers and senior executives producing a bar bell effect towards training in organisations. But as organisations become flatter, it is the middle managers that require leadership training and professional development. This course aims to equip middle managers with tools to deal with the challenges that are unique to middle managers in the current working environment. This course is carried out over 6-weeks but can be arranged to suit your organisation’s schedule. Each weekly course can also be delivered as a once-off training session.

Weekly outline of 6-week course:
Week 1: Professional management training & career development
• The sandwich position: restrictions and opportunities for middle managers
• Managerial expectations and reality
• Cross-cultural management
Week 2: Leadership
• Leadership vs management
• Planning, organising and implementing objectives
• Assertiveness, delegation and time-management
• Team-Building
Week 3: Communication Skills development
• Organisation communication: role of middle management
• External communication: relation with press and public
• Presentation skills and networking
• Communication in groups: networking, evaluations, presentations, work relations
• Report writing
Week 4: Managing millennials
• Who are the millennials
• Clash between millennials and managers
• How to manage millennials
Week 5: Managing Conflict and holding difficult conversations
• Conflict resolution
• Performance appraisals
• Motivating and building trust
Week 6: Stress management and the balanced lifestyle
• Identifying and coping with causes of stress
• Productivity, health and relaxation
• Stress-free work environment
• Course evaluation

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