managing-millenialsMillennials (or Generation “Y”) are born between 1982-2000 but do not always identify as such. Millennials have a radically different approach to work than any other generation before them: enjoying working in teams, more collaboration, requiring professional development and they value diverse work and flexibility over pay. There has been much discussion about the clash between management and millennials where millennials are viewed as having a poor worth ethic, lacking loyalty by switching jobs regularly and having unrealistic salary expectations. But other than acknowledging this gap, little has been done to change the traditional working environment to accommodate millennials. Companies can benefit from understanding millennials and practical suggestions as how best to employ them because by 2025 millennials will form 75% of the workforce. This course is run by a self-aware millennial who seeks to offer companies the insight as how best to lead millennials into the future or risk a demotivated or dwindling workforce.

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